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Fishing on Round Lake

Folks looking for the ideal Northern Minnesota Fishing headquarters will find themselves right at home during their stay at Leino's Riverside Resort. Walleye, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch and Panfish are plentiful in Round Lake.

This 2850 Acre Lake is large enough to give you room to move around, but small enough to be managable through most weather conditions.

Round Lake has an excellent Walleye population. The most recent DNR lake survey data results showed an average catch rate of 5 Walleye per test net.

image of ice fishing perchRound Lake has long been known for it's great Walleye fishing. But Jumbo Perch Fishing is excellent too. Ice fishermen target both, but often prefer the great Perch action that the lake can produce.

During Winter, folks target Round Lake's excellent popoluation of Jumbo Perch. Although ice fishing is a great way to catch Perch, Don't overlook these tasty fish during the open water season.

Jig and minnow combinations, live bait rigs tipped with lively minnows and small plastic Crawfish imitations are all excellent baits for catching Perch.

At first glance, Round Lake looks like a bowl without a lot of structure. But experienced anglers will soon find that this amazingly resilient lake offers a wide array of unique habitat and subtle structural elements that make the lake fun to learn.

Steep mid lake bars, rock and gravel reefs, shoreline weeds and miles of shallow flats provide fishermen with lots of fish habitat to explore.

Mid-summer is the time to locate and catch Round Lake's larger Walleye. Live bait rigs, action spinners and trolling crankbaits will all produce hungry, warm weather Walleye.

Lots of folks fish the steep drop off of the main bar that runs along most of the center of the lake. During the early season and again in fall, jig and minnow combinations produce Walleye, Pike and Perch. During mid summer, fishing the edges of the bar with live bait rigs tipped with night crawlers or large lively leeches will produce Walleye.

During summer, Perch will be found on the shallow flats adjacent to this long bar. Look for gravel and rock stretches in the 7 to 10 foot range.
During summer, many anglers will fish the prominent "sunken island" known as the rock pile. Jigs and live bait rigs are used here too, but don't overlook a long time tradition on Round Lake, slip bobber fishing.

Slip bobbering is typically best during early morning and late evening, but it can be productive during mid day whenever fish are located in weeds or isolated rocks.

Shoerline fishing is good on Round Lake too especially during the early season when young, sparse weed growth is easy to fish and baitfish inhabit the shallow water.
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For anglers who want to experience something a bit more off-beat for Northern Minnesota, Round Lake can provide some of the best Bullhead fishing that you'll find anywhere. Long known for the quality size and plentiful supply of Bullheads, Round Lake offers folks who want to experience some great eating, a chance to fill out their catch with a bucket of "way above average" size bullheads.Concentrate on transition areas where sandy bottom meets softer silt. Bullheads concentrate along the edges where insect larvae are abundant on the bottom. Live bait rigs with worms or night crawlers will put plenty of these scrappy critters in the boat.

Want even more adventure? Leino's riverside resort is within a half hour of at least a dozen more famous fishing lakes. Lake Winnie, Bowstring, Sand, Upper Red and Island Lakes are all within easy reach.